Why are my Instagram stories blurry: 10 ways to fix it

Instagram Stories are a great way to share the moments you cherish with your friends and followers. However, the problem that many users often face is that Instagram stories are blurry along with low quality. If you are also facing this problem, this article will help you to fix it.

If you’re seeing blurry Instagram stories, it could be for a variety of reasons. Not only will we help you understand the cause, but we’ll also provide you with easy ways to fix this problem with our proven solutions. Let’s jump right in.

What makes photos in IG Stories blurry

Typically, Instagram compresses the image quality before uploading it as a story. However, adding stickers, music, gifs, and other media ends up reducing the quality even more after you upload the story.

Also, other smaller details related to the format or the way the image is captured can affect the quality of your story. But don’t worry! Go to the next section to solve this problem.

How to fix blurry Instagram stories

Here are ten ways to solve the problem, along with step-by-step procedures for each. Let’s start by checking your internet connection.

1. Check your Internet connection

Before we start any fixes, you should make sure that your internet speed and connection are up to par. This is the main reason why stories don’t load or partially load on servers with severe quality degradation.

So make sure you have good Wi-Fi speed and an active cellular network. If you experience connectivity issues, it’s always best to check with your service provider.

But what if you have a fully functional connection, but the problem is only on Instagram?

2. Check if Instagram is down

Instagram has faced outages in the past and there is a good chance that it will face outages in the future. So stay tuned to check if Instagram is down. However, if you are an active user of Twitter or other social networks, we are sure that the news would have reached you by now!

Next, let’s start by trying to fix a few problems in the program.

3. Clear Instagram cache on Android

A cache is a form of temporary data that each application stores in your local storage. This helps the app to load some items quickly instead of downloading them every time you open the app.

However, cache build-up can cause a few problems as some cached data can trigger bugs responsible for blurring Instagram stories. Regular cleaning is always a good practice. You can also check out our guide on what happens when you clear your Instagram cache for a better understanding.

A note: Unfortunately, clearing cache is only possible on Android devices, so iPhone users can move on to the next method.

Step 1: Long press on the Instagram app and tap on App info.

step 2: Click Clear data.

step 3: Click “Clear Cache” and click “OK” to complete the process.

If, even after clearing the cache, you still find your Instagram stories to be of poor quality, move on to the next set of fixes.

3. Do not add music or other media to the story

Instagram must store and upload stories under a certain size limit. So if you add music, stickers, or GIFs, the image quality may degrade and take a hit. So try adding images without additional media.

However, if you need music in your stories, you can add music and other media to the image using third-party software, such as a video editing program. You can check out our previously published articles to see the best video editing apps for iPhone and Android.

If that doesn’t solve the problem or you’re not comfortable with it, move on to the next fix.

5. Enable high-quality Instagram uploads

Did you know that Instagram has a built-in toggle to ensure high-quality media uploads to the app? Well, now you do, and here’s how you can turn it on if you think your Instagram stories are of poor quality.

Step 1: Open the profile tab and select the menu button.

step 2: Click Settings.

step 3: Click on Account > Data usage.

Step 4: Now make sure you have turned on the “Download in highest quality” switch.

There is one more switch that you need to check and that is the save data switch.

6. Disable the save data option

Instagram has a save data switch that uses less data. Therefore, the quality of multimedia when downloaded using mobile data is degraded. This could also be the reason why your IG stories are blurry.

Step 1: Go to your profile tab and click the menu button.

step 2: Click Settings.

step 3: Click on Account and go to Data usage.

Step 4: Turn off the “Use less mobile data” switch.

Now check if you can download the image in full quality. If none of the above methods work, it’s time to do some work and manually adjust the image for better quality.

7. Use the correct format for best quality

Based on the size, compression and format of Instagram stories, you can adjust or capture your image to ensure the best quality. Here are some tips to help you solve this problem.

  • The optimal resolution for the story is 1920 x 1080 with an aspect ratio of 9:16.
  • Make sure your image is at least 72 pixels per inch.
  • Try uploading vertical images or images where you don’t have to scale them to fit the screen. (So ​​always use 9:16 resolution).

You can use tools like Photoscape to resize and adjust the resolution. And if you follow these tips, we’re sure you’ll minimize your chances of finding your Instagram stories blurry.

8. Switch camera apps

The camera app you use has a big impact on the quality of your Instagram story. However, we can’t say for sure which camera to use because different smartphones have different camera apps and different image processing features.

So take some time to compare the quality of stories uploaded when you shoot in your phone’s default camera app and Instagram’s camera. When you find a difference in quality, you know what to use next.

But if none of the above methods work in your favor, you can try updating or reinstalling the Instagram app.

9. Update Instagram

If a large group of users are experiencing the issue of blurry or low-quality Instagram stories, it is most likely caused by a bug in this particular version. So, Instagram is sure to notice this and release a fix through an update. So, if you’re using an old version of Instagram, here’s how you can update it.

Step 1: Follow the link below to update the app.

step 2: Click Update and wait for the latest version of Instagram to download and update.

10. Reinstall Instagram

Finally, if none of the above fixes work, you can reinstall Instagram. Essentially, this allows you to run the program again, clearing all previously applied configurations.

Step 1: Long press the app icon and tap Uninstall App on iPhone or Uninstall on Android.

step 2: Confirm again to remove the app.

step 3: Download Instagram from the link below.

And that’s all you need to know about fixing blurry Instagram stories. However, if you still have questions, you can take a look at the frequently asked questions section below.

Frequently asked questions about blurry Instagram stories

1. Does Instagram for iPhone take better pictures than Android?

yes. Instagram on iPhone uses the camera to take pictures, but the one on Android takes a screenshot of the viewfinder.

2. What is the maximum length of an Instagram Story video?

Instagram allows you to post videos up to the 60s in history.

3. Are there media size limits for Instagram stories?

The maximum size of an Instagram story image is 30MB, and the maximum size of a video is up to 4GB.

Never find your Instagram stories blurry again

Use these methods to fix your blurry Instagram stories. We hope that our methods helped you to solve the problem. However, we always recommend capturing the image in the best aspect ratio and maintaining the ideal format as much as possible for best results.