The keyboard types multiple letters at once in Windows 11/10

The keyboard is one of the most important accessories of our PC. It is difficult to use without a keyboard. It helps us to type quickly and complete tasks very easily instead of doing everything with a mouse. Sometimes we face keyboard problems and we can fix them easily. There are some users who see theirs multi-letter keyboard in Windows 11/10. In this guide, we provide some solutions that can help you fix this if you are also facing the same problem.

The keyboard types multiple letters at once in Windows

The keyboard types multiple letters at once in Windows 11/10

If your Windows 11/10 PC’s keyboard is typing multiple letters when you type something, you can fix it with the following methods.

  1. Check the keyboard
  2. Restart your PC
  3. Run the keyboard troubleshooter
  4. Adjust keyboard character repeat delay
  5. Run an antivirus on your PC

Let’s go through the details of each method and solve the keyboard problem.

1]Check the keyboard

Check the keyboard and see if any buttons are stuck. This happens regularly if your keyboard is old. Clean the keyboard to remove dust or anything stuck between the keys.

2]Restart your PC

Most problems are solved by rebooting. Keyboard problems can also be fixed if they are caused by some interfering process or something else. Just restart your computer and see if the keyboard still picks up a few characters or letters.

3]Run the keyboard troubleshooter

Run the Windows Keyboard Troubleshooter

Windows 11/10 comes with several troubleshooting tools that can help you fix most of the common problems you encounter on your PC. Keyboard Troubleshooter is one of them that can help you solve any keyboard problem. You need to run the Keyboard Troubleshooter to fix the keyboard multi-character problem.

To run the keyboard troubleshooter,

  • Open it Settings application from the Start menu
  • Click on Troubleshooting tab in the System menu.
  • Then choose Other troubleshooting tools
  • Scroll down to find Keyboard there and click Run next to him.
  • It will launch a keyboard troubleshooter that will find and fix the issues that may be causing the multi-character input problem on your PC.

4]Adjust keyboard character repeat delay

Configure keyboard properties in Windows

Windows 11/10 has options to customize keyboard properties. You can use them to solve the problem of your keyboard typing multiple letters when you use them. You need to adjust the character repeat delay from short to long in the keyboard properties, which may solve the problem.

To adjust the character repeat delay,

  • Click on the Start menu and type Keyboard
  • You will find the Keyboard program in the search results. Click on Open.
  • The keyboard properties window will open. Choose speed tab.
  • Under Character Repeat, adjust the slider towards Long under Repeat Delay. Don’t set it up for too long or you may experience typing difficulties. After the adjustment is complete, press Apply later good. Close the window and see if the problem is solved.

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5]Run an antivirus on your PC

There may be malware that prevents you from using the keyboard and typing multiple characters. To rule out this possibility, you need to run an antivirus on your computer and make sure that your computer is free of malware. Also, if you encounter a problem, immediately after installing a certain program, simply uninstall it from your PC and see if it fixes it.

These are different ways to use with you to fix if the keyboard is typing multiple letters in Windows 11/10. If none of the above methods helped to solve the problem, it is necessary to replace the keyboard with a new one or simply contact the service center if it is the built-in keyboard of your laptop.

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How to stop repeating letters on keyboard in Windows 11/10?

You can configure this in the keyboard properties available on your PC. Click the Start menu and type Keyboard. Then open the keyboard from the results. Adjust the repeat rate from fast to slow in the character delay options using the slider and save the changes.

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When I press a key on the keyboard, does it type multiple letters?

This could be due to stuck keys, a damaged keyboard, problems with the character delay setting, or another program interfering with the keyboard process. To fix the problem, you need to eliminate all of these possibilities by checking your keyboard, running a keyboard troubleshooter, adjusting your character delay settings, and running an antivirus on your PC.

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