The best free weather apps for iPhone and iPad

The weather app on your phone will help you know if you need to pack an umbrella for the day or if it’s a nice sunny day for ice cream. Although weather forecasts are not completely accurate, they can predict with an average of 80% accuracy. And to view those forecasts in the best possible way, here are some of the best free weather apps for iPhone and iPad.

The best weather apps for iPhone and iPad

Since the iOS 7 update, the native weather app on iOS has gotten a lot better. However, it still lacks some features and has a few bugs. Fortunately, we have several third-party weather apps for iPhone that can provide a better experience. Let’s check them out.

1. Accuweather – The most accurate weather forecasts

Accuweather is known to be the most accurate weather forecast service available today. And their app for iPhone and iPad is quite detailed to provide you with all kinds of weather data at your fingertips. It is mainly known to offer hyperlocal forecasts and minute-by-minute rainfall data.


It also has a live radar that can easily help you track storms, temperature changes, ice and clouds. It also includes a feature called WinterCast, which can provide information on the likelihood of snowfall.

However, the free version contains many pop-up ads and you need to upgrade to disable them. The premium version also comes with an additional notification feature and the ability to add a lock screen widget in iOS 16.

Price: Free of charge; Premium version: $1.99

2. Weather Channel – from the TV giants

The Weather Channel offers one of the most beautiful weather apps for iPhone and iPad. This is a continuation of the well-known TV channel of the same name. So you can also watch made-for-TV video content in the app.

Weather channel

The layout of the app is easy to navigate and we can get a good overview of the weather at a glance. You get all the standard weather data, and the paid version unlocks 192 hours of forecast. The app has ads, but they are much less intrusive than Accuweather.

It also has a radar with which you can have an overview of the conditions. The daily weather section is also something we appreciate, given how neatly the data is summarized. However, it seems to be more focused on weather-related content than data. But considering the user interface and reliability, we can confidently recommend this app.

However, many users report that the app shows more ads and runs a bit slow after the latest update. So, before you buy the premium version, check it out and see how it works for you.

Price: Free of charge; Premium Pro: $4.99 per month or $29.99 per year

3. Carrot Weather – Funny weather app for iPhone

The Carrot Weather app adds a touch of humor and sarcasm to weather forecasts. When you customize the app, you can choose how funny it can be. We recommend you keep this setting low because on a hot day the carrot weather can roast you along with the sun. This is a precaution on our part.

Carrot weather

Jokes aside, it also does a great job of providing weather information, and we’re fans of the graph it provides to summarize hourly weather information for the day. Another nice feature is the ability to add weather information in five different locations to the home screen. However, the accuracy was questionable at times, and what we also didn’t like was that it couldn’t send any weather reports in the free version.

In addition, the premium version allows you to add a home screen and lock screen widget to iOS 16 and also helps to remove ads. It also allows you to add a watch face to your Apple Watch. What’s more, you can also integrate other weather apps like Apple Weather and AccuWeather Forecasts for more accurate weather information if you have a premium membership.

We love how the developers are constantly updating the app with the latest iOS updates. The app will also get a major redesign for the iPad, allowing your tablet to become your detailed weather station.

Price: free of charge Premium version: $4.99/month

4. 1Weather – Best User Interface

1Weather has the best user interface of all the iPhone and iPad weather apps we’ve tested. On the main screen, we like the bold detail of temperature and precipitation. The average user may not need all the weather data, and if you select 1Weather, you will only get the important weather data.

1 Weather

The Today section mainly shows information about precipitation, humidity, UV index and pressure. And we figured that was all we wanted to know as a weather summary for the day. The best part is that it comes with very few intrusive ads.

However, the premium subscription removes ads and includes features like 10-day daily forecasts, an AQI map, and home screen widgets. However, we noticed a few issues with widgets and adding multiple locations to the app. Hopefully the developer will fix this soon.

Price: Free of charge; Premium version: $1.99/month

5. Weather & Radar is the best weather radar app

Weather & Radar is one of the most used weather apps for iPhone. During our use, we found this app to provide more detailed weather data. For example, it can provide information such as PollenCount, ski resort forecast, etc. If you’re interested in the finer details of the weather forecast, we’re sure you’ll love this app.

Weather and radar

We also like how well designed the radar is. It is classified under different categories like RainfallRadar, WindRadar etc. Also, the 90-minute daily weather summary is impressive. Isn’t it good to have a short overview of weather conditions?

Although the free version comes with ads similar to the previous weather apps on the lists, they don’t seem as intrusive. The premium version unlocks all the little details, as we mentioned, and lets you customize your home screen and disable ads. Although we feel that the interface elements could have been designed better as they look archaic.

Price: Free of charge; Pro version: $29.99

6. Yahoo Weather – The best free iPhone weather app for minimalists

Yahoo Weather is one of our favorite weather apps for iPhone and iPad. This is because the application is lightweight. It doesn’t have a lot of tabs and has a simple scrollable user interface. Aside from the standard iPhone weather app, this is the app we kept coming back to.

Weather Yahoo

Depending on your location, the app’s background will be an image taken in your region. We think this is a nice touch. Although it doesn’t have many advanced features, it does a great job of providing the weather information you need – similar to 1Weather.

The app is completely free and has no premium version, so you won’t miss any features. Although it has ads, they are less and unobtrusive.

Price: Free of charge

Don’t forget your raincoat at home

We can offer you a list of programs, but our best weather advice so far is the headline of this section. So make sure you try out these apps and learn about the weather in your area. We hope you have found the right weather app for your iPhone and iPad after trying the above apps apart from the standard weather app.