How to write an invisible text message in an image file

Encryption and decryption have long been used to send secret messages without detection. However, it may still be known that a secret message exists. You can overcome this by doing sending a secret message embedded in an image file. Read this article for the procedure.

Write an invisible text message to an image file

How to write an invisible text message in an image file

Any file on a computer basically boils down to binary code, which in turn can be written as text code. An image file is no exception. Since the image file is in the form of a text code, you can open it with a text editor and enter the secret code into that text.

The procedure for writing an invisible or secret code to an image file is as follows:

  1. Right-click the image file. A menu will open.
  2. Choose Open with > Notepad.
  3. You will see a lot of gibberish in the Notebook window.
  4. In any line along the text, enter a secret message.
  5. Press CTRL+S to Save message.

Since the entire message is gibberish, the only text that makes sense is the message itself. Alternatively, you can mention the code. e.g. I mention “Secret Message” before the message. All the recipient will have to do is search for the words.

What happens to the image when you save it again?

If you save the image again, it will remain unchanged. The text is not part of the source code and will not be read by the image file. Essentially, the image will appear as is and you can send it to the recipient. No third party will notice any changes.

Why is encryption needed?

Encryption is the process of encoding a message before sending it to the recipient. In this process, you can keep the message private. Even if a third person notices the message, he/she will not understand it. The most popular method of encryption is to assign different letters to the text. Only the sender and recipient will have the key to change it back to the original text.

How is image encryption better than text encryption?

If the text is encrypted, a third party may or may not be able to decrypt the message. However, he/she will know that the message is being sent. In the case of image encryption, this will not happen. Since the image will appear as is and the text will not be visible, a third party will not be able to see the text at all.

Can you encrypt any file?

All files do not open in notepad. However, images, sound, and video files will definitely open in Notepad. You can add your message to these files before sending them to the recipient. Since the video files are very large, it is not recommended to use them. As for audio files, it is preferable to use smaller audio files.

Why does text in notebook image files contain gibberish?

An image file is ultimately read by the system as binary characters 0 and 1. When you convert these characters into an image, they make sense. However, if you convert these characters to text, the end result will be random characters.