How to receive calls through Bluetooth devices on iPhone –

Talking on a wireless headset is one of the best uses for Bluetooth. As with any smartphone, you can also receive calls through Bluetooth devices on iPhone. But there is a catch. If you’re an iPhone user, you may have noticed that despite connecting your iPhone to a headset, you hear sound in the earpiece. Well, it’s not a bug or a software problem, it’s just the way iOS works.

However, you can solve this problem by using the call audio routing option. Read on to understand what it is and how to route audio calls to a Bluetooth headset on iPhone.

What is Call Audio Routing on iPhone?

Call Audio Routing, as the name suggests, means to automatically “route” audio or FaceTime calls to the selected audio mode on your iPhone.

This sound mode can be the iPhone’s earpiece, the default setting, the speakerphone, or an external device such as a Bluetooth headset or other hearing aid. As you read on, you will understand how to receive calls through Bluetooth devices.

How to set a Bluetooth headset or speaker as the default sound on iPhone

To receive calls through Bluetooth devices, you need to make sure of two things. First, you need to connect your Bluetooth device to your iPhone. Second, configure settings to route call audio to your device by default. Here is the step by step procedure for the same.

1. Bluetooth headset pairing

Step 1: Open Settings.

Bluetooth headset pairing

step 2: Select Bluetooth.

Bluetooth headset pairing

step 3: Turn on Bluetooth and click the name of the device you want to pair under Other Devices. I’m trying to pair my OnePlus Buds Z.

Bluetooth headset pairing - connecting the device

Step 4: After the device is paired, you will see “Connected”.

Pairing a Bluetooth headset - the device is connected

Here’s how you can connect your Bluetooth device. If you have problems connecting, you can read our article to fix the problems and successfully connect Bluetooth devices. We will now move on to the next section by changing the call audio routing settings.

2. Change call audio routing settings on iPhone

Step 1: Go to Settings and select Accessibility.

select Accessibility

step 2: Choose To touch.

    Select Touch

step 3: Click on Call Audio Routing.

Select Call Audio Routing

Step 4: Now choose Bluetooth headset.

That’s it! The next time you answer a call while connected to the headset, you’ll hear the other person’s voice in the headset by default.

Select a Bluetooth headset

How to automatically answer calls on iPhone

As a bonus, here’s another feature you might be interested in – auto answer calls. This allows the iPhone to automatically answer calls after a certain amount of time.

This feature is useful if you want to receive calls on a Bluetooth device without having to press a button, and is a good addition for routing audio calls.

Step 1: In Settings, go to Accessibility and select Touch.

Step 2: Then tap on “Audio Call Routing” and select “Auto Answer Calls”.

Select an option

Step 3: Enable “Auto answer calls”.

Turn on the switch to automatically answer calls

Step 4: Now set the duration of automatic call answer.

Automatic response delay time

Once complete, your iPhone will automatically answer your calls after the set time. This feature works both with and without a connected Bluetooth device.

Switch between the Bluetooth device and the speaker during calls

Here’s how you can quickly switch between your Bluetooth device and your speaker during calls.

Step 1: Click on Audio icon on the call screen.

Click the Audio button

Step 2: Now select the appropriate option. As you can see my call is connected to Bluetooth and I switch it to speaker.

Select Speaker

This way you can quickly switch between your Bluetooth device and the speaker during a call. If you follow the steps above, you may still have a few questions. So we’ve answered some frequently asked questions for you.

Frequently asked questions

1. Why doesn’t my iPhone ring when Bluetooth is on?

Check if the call is muted. Make sure the side button doesn’t sound. Next, increase the volume by pressing the volume control keys. Now turn off Do Not Disturb in Control Center if you haven’t already. It might be muting your calls. Another possibility is that Mute Unknown Callers is enabled. Go to Settings > Phone > Mute Unknown Callers and turn it off.

2. How to disable call routing on iPhone?

Go to Settings > Accessibility > Touch > Audio Call Routing and select Automatic. This will prevent calls from being routed to any other mode.

3. What does automatic mean in call audio routing settings?

You get three options for audio call routing on iPhone: automatic, Bluetooth headset, and speaker. If you select Automatic, calls will be routed to the last selected mode. Let’s say you receive a call and you select a Bluetooth headset. As long as you are connected to the headset, you will continue to receive calls on the headset.

Easily receive calls through Bluetooth devices on iPhone

Here’s how you can receive calls through Bluetooth devices on your iPhone. Still have questions or want us to solve other queries for you? Share them in the comments below.