How to print a test page in Windows 11 without using tools

In this tutorial we will show you how to print a test page in Windows 11 without using third-party tools. This may be useful to check for an alignment problem, ink flow for text and image quality, etc. before you start printing right away, especially with a new printer. While there are some good free tools for testing your printer, Windows 11 provides built-in ways to print a test page. So, for those who prefer native options, this post will be helpful.

Print a Windows 11 test page without tools

You will get significant results as the test page will provide technical information about the printer, including printer properties (name, port name, computer name, OS environment, etc.), print driver properties, and more.

Print a test page in Windows 11 without using tools

There is two custom options for printing a test page in Windows 11. These are:

  1. Using the Settings app
  2. Using printer properties.

Let’s check both options one by one.

1]Use the Windows 11 Settings app to print a test page

print a test page using the setup program

Follow these steps to print a test page using Windows 11 Setup:

  1. Use Win+I hotkey to open the Settings app
  2. Click on Bluetooth and devices category in the left section
  3. Choose Printers and scanners page from the right section
  4. Select your printer from the list of available printers. If the printer is not available, install or add a local printer first, then select your printer
  5. Click on Print a test page option.

The page will be added to the printer queue and then a test page will be output. Now you can check if your printer settings are OK. If not, adjust or change the default printer settings and print the test page again.

2]Print a test page using the printer properties in Windows 11

printer properties to print a test page

You can also access the printer properties to print a test page on your Windows 11 system. This is useful if you want to adjust some printer settings, such as setting the page orientation (landscape or portrait) and changing the paper size (A3, Legal, Tabloid , B4 (JIS), etc.) before printing a test page. Here are the steps:

  1. Open the Windows 11 Settings app
  2. Access Bluetooth and devices category
  3. Access to Printers and scanners page
  4. Select a printer
  5. Click on Printer properties and a separate field will open
  6. Switch to General in the Printer Properties box
  7. Click Preferences button if you want to change the page orientation, print quality, paper size, etc. Or leave this option
  8. Click Print a test page button is available at the bottom right of the Printer Properties box.
  9. Click good button to close the Properties box.

That’s all.

How to print in Windows 11?

Almost all programs (office programs, browsers, desktop programs, etc.) come with a Print option you can access from File menu to print your document. Use this option or press a global hotkey Ctrl+P Art application. This will open the print settings where you can select your printer, set the number of pages to print, page margins, page size and more, then click Print button.

Why can’t I print a test page?

If you try to print a document or test page in Windows 11/10 and your computer hangs while printing, use the built-in Windows Printer troubleshooter and see if that helps. You should too restart the print spooler service or run the print program with administrator rights. If that doesn’t work, you should reinstall the printer. If you have properly installed and configured your printer, you should have no problems printing.

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