How to Manage and Customize Controls on OnePlus Buds –

While Android offers customization in many areas, it lacks a built-in headphone control panel. You can only change the codec, rename the headphones or grant/deny access to contacts in the Bluetooth device settings. However, there is a way to control and reconfigure the OnePlus Buds with an app called HeyMelody.

Developed by Oppo, its parent company, HeyMelody support extends to OnePlus as well as Oppo wireless headsets. You can customize touch controls, change how your headset works, and more. Read on to understand how it works.

Why HeyMelody instead of the official OnePlus Buds app?

OnePlus Buds app

Well, if you look at the apps in the PlayStore, there are apps from Samsung, Nothing, and even OnePlus. Yes, there is an app developed by OnePlus, but the only problem is that you simply cannot access the app despite having it installed.

This is a peculiar problem and it doesn’t work on OnePlus devices either. So you’ll have to turn to the HeyMelody app to manage the controls.

Customize the touch controls on your OnePlus Buds with the HeyMelody app

Here’s how to personalize the touch controls on your OnePlus headphones.

Step 1: Open the Bluetooth menu in the Settings app.

Open the Bluetooth menu in the Settings app

step 2: Make sure the headphones are paired with your device.

Make sure the headphones are paired with your device

note: I used the OnePlus Buds Z in this tutorial, but you can use any pair of truly wireless Oppo or OnePlus headphones. The same procedure should work.

step 3: Open the HeyMelody app.

Open the HeyMelody app

Step 4: Click “I agree” and continue to accept the terms of use.


Step 5: Now click Add.

click Add

Step 6: Click on Settings to grant location permission.

Click Settings

Step 7: Select “While using the program”.

Give permission

Step 8: Click Add again.

Add again

Step 9: Select your device by clicking the connection in the device list. I have the OnePlus Buds Z as seen in the picture.

Connect the device

Step 10: You should have entered the main interface of the program. To configure the controls, click the Earbud Controls tab. Select left/right earbud.

Step 11: Now add the desired controls with appropriate triggers. (Buds Z allows you to simply double tap and offers four options as shown in the image)

Select controls

After following the above steps, you will be able to control your music playback with ease and improve the listening quality of your OnePlus headphones! You can also update your headphones’ firmware using this app, which we recommend doing if you’re having problems.

Control your OnePlus Buds with the HeyMelody app

In addition to customizing touch controls, the HeyMelody app also provides an overview of your headphones. It has an easy-to-use and intuitive interface. Here’s everything else you can use this app for.

1. Device information

You can see the battery level of both the headphones and the case. This is very useful as the standard battery level indicator on Android doesn’t provide much information. So now you can leave home knowing your exact battery level, ensuring it won’t run out while you’re away.

Device information

2. Firmware update

Most in-ear headphones bugs are fixed with a firmware update. With the HeyMelody app, you can click on Update Firmware section to check if an update is available.

Firmware update

If you find an update, you can check the description to see what it adds, as well as a few possible bug fixes.

3. Device management

You can also quickly disconnect or remove headphones from the HeyMelody app and manually pair them later.

Device management - disable or remove

4. Check supported devices

In the HeyMelody app, you can also see the list of devices supported by this app. First, you need to click on the about section.

Supported devices

Then click on supported devices to check the list of all devices.

List of devices

As mentioned earlier, this app supports Oppo and OnePlus headphones. Therefore, the list also offers a separation between the two.

Easily control playback on OnePlus Buds

That’s all you need to know about the HeyMelody app and how to customize the controls on your OnePlus headphones. After completing the steps above, you will be able to control the music playback according to your choice. Once you familiarize yourself with the app’s interface, you’ll also be able to control your headphones much more efficiently.