How to listen to the radio on an iPhone

Learn how to listen to the radio on your iPhone using several different radio apps or Apple Music.

How to listen to radio on iPhone

With the invention of iPhone and its features, many people decided to switch from Android devices to iPhone. This development caused mass adoption and greed for the iPhone

However, the iPhone, unlike some Android devices, does not have a built-in AM or PM tuner. This has made it impossible for some iPhone users to access their favorite radio stations on their iPhone or follow local radio trends from their iPhone.

However, the good news is that there are tons of iOS mobile apps that you can use to stream your favorite radio stations on your iPhone. You can also use third-party apps to stream online services, your favorite shows and events to your iPhone.

Below are a few different third-party programs that you can use to stream and listen to the radio on your iPhone.

How to listen to iHeart Radio with iPhone?

iHeart Radio seems to be the best for listening to any kind of local or traditional FM radio and gives you free access to over 850 radio stations.

Not only can you listen to a variety of radio stations across the country through the iHeart Radio app, another great aspect of the iHeart Radio app is that it can use your location to help you find radio programs around you that might interest you.

Listen to the radio on your iPhone with the TuneIn app

TuneIn is another free app that lets you stream and listen to radio stations across the country on your iPhone just like the iHeart app. Although a small difference is the premium version of TuneIn, which offers the user a one-week free trial, after which it goes to the price of $10 per month.

How can I use Apple Music to listen to the radio?

Apple Music – Apple’s music streaming service was launched in early 2015 by Apple and later launched Beats 1, an internet radio station that you can listen to freely in the app.

Beats 1 is located in the Radio tab of the app and is available for free. So, just tap the Music app on your iPhone to access the free Beats 1 service.

With an Apple Music subscription, you can access other online streaming stations in the Music app and enjoy yourself in your comfort zone.

There are other apps that you can use to listen to the radio on your iPhone besides the ones mentioned above

In addition to the apps mentioned above, you can use special apps to stream specific radio stations, such as the NPR One App to stream NPR or SiriusXM for fans of SiriusXM stations.