How to Install Latest Firmware Update on Samsung Galaxy Buds

Samsung is doing an impressive job with the Galaxy Buds line. And if you have a couple of these, you should know that Samsung has a companion app for your phone. One important feature that comes with the app is that it allows you to install the latest firmware update on your Galaxy buds.

In this article, we will show you how to update the software on the Galaxy Buds. Not only that, we’ll also help you troubleshoot if you can’t update your headphones. We used the Galaxy Buds Live and used them to create this article.

Let’s start by understanding the need to update the software on the headphones.

Why upgrade Samsung Galaxy Buds

A pair of truly wireless headphones is more than just a hardware device. With features like active noise cancellation, touch controls, wear detection, motion detection, and most importantly Bluetooth connectivity, they obviously need an app to work.

This way, your in-ear headphones are programmed to work as they should. However, like our phones, they require timely updates to work and adapt to new changes. These updates also fix and fix any bugs in the headphones. Therefore, manufacturers supply a companion program to help you upgrade your headphones.

Samsung has an app called “Galaxy Buds” for Android and iPhone that allows you to update and install updates for Samsung Galaxy Buds. But before we get into that, let’s take a look at all the devices this app is compatible with.

List of Galaxy Buds models compatible with the Companion app

Here are all the wireless headphones supported by the Galaxy Wearable app on Android.

Here are all the wireless earbuds supported by the Galaxy Buds app on iPhone.

  • Galaxy Buds Live
  • Galaxy Buds +

Yes, unfortunately the Galaxy Buds app only supports two devices on an iPhone. However, you can still pair and use any Samsung headphones on your iPhone, but you’ll need to use the Android app to make changes.

Now that we know about compatibility, let’s learn how to install firmware update on Galaxy Buds.

How to update Samsung Galaxy Buds

First, let’s take a look at how to use the Galaxy Wearable app on Android to install a firmware update on the Galaxy Buds.

Update your Galaxy Buds using Android

Step 1: Download and install the Galaxy Wearable app on your Android device.

step 2: Then pair and connect the Galaxy Buds to your phone. To do this, open Bluetooth in the settings.

step 3: Touch the headphones in the available devices and select Pair.

Step 4: After connecting your device, open the downloaded Galaxy Wearable app and tap Start.

step 5: After selecting your headphones, download the headphone plugin. Click on the plugin and select OK.

Step 6: You will be redirected to Play Store. Install the plug-in program.

Step 7: Once the installation is complete, return to the Galaxy Wearable app and tap Allow to grant the requested permissions.

Your headphones are now successfully registered with the Samsung Wearable app.

Step 8: Now tap on “Headphone Settings” and select “Headphone Software Update”.

A note: If you can’t find the Earbuds settings option, on some devices the option to “Update Earbuds software” can be accessed directly from the main screen of the app.

Step 10: You can now check and install the latest firmware update on your Galaxy Buds.

After updating your Galaxy Buds, you’ll see a confirmation that you’re on the latest software update.

So you are installing the firmware update on your Galaxy Buds. However, if you have an iPhone, read the step-by-step procedure in the next section.

How to update Samsung Galaxy Buds on iPhone

Step 1: Download and install the Galaxy Buds app on your iPhone from the link below.

As mentioned earlier, this app only supports Galaxy Buds+ and Galaxy Buds Live. However, you can still pair and use all other in-ear headphones on your iPhone.

step 2: Open the Settings app and tap Bluetooth.

step 2: Pair and connect your Galaxy Buds.

Step 4: Then open the Galaxy Buds app. Now click on the device.

step 5: Select the scanned device. Now everything is ready and you have registered the headphones in the program.

Step 6: Now tap on “Headphone Software Update” on the main screen.

Step 7: Finally, click Download and Install to install the latest firmware update on your Galaxy Buds.

So, this is what you need to do to update the software on your Galaxy Buds. However, if you’re having trouble updating your headphones, the next section should help resolve your issue.

What to do if you can’t update Samsung Galaxy Buds

After all, the process of installing the latest firmware is not flawless. Many users face some problems during the process and here are some measures you can take.

  • Make sure your headphones have enough battery: If you are trying to update the software, please make sure that your headphones have more than 50% charge.
  • Check compatibility: Make sure your headphones are compatible with your phone and companion app. In the previous section of this article, we mentioned Galaxy Buds compatibility, or lack thereof.
  • Stay in range: Make sure there isn’t too much distance between your phone and the connected headphones. If the device is out of range, you obviously cannot update the software.
  • Try reinstalling the app: If none of the above methods work, you can try reinstalling the Galaxy Buds/Galaxy Wearable app on your device.
  • Reset headphones: As a last resort, try resetting your Galaxy Buds. You have the option to do this in the app.

However, if you have other questions about the same issue, you can read the frequently asked questions section below.

Galaxy Buds software update FAQ

1. How often are Samsung Galaxy Buds updated?

We’ve seen an update every few weeks.

2. How long will it take to update Samsung Galaxy Buds?

The update will only take a few minutes.

3. Does updating the headphones fix the lag issues?

If the cause of the delay is a widespread bug, a software update is sure to fix the problem.

4. Are the Galaxy Wearable and Galaxy Buds apps free to use?

Yes, they can be downloaded for free.

5. Can a software update fix Galaxy Buds battery drain?

Yes, if a large group of users have a battery-related bug, an update will mostly fix the problem.

Use your Samsung Galaxy Buds seamlessly

That’s all you need to know about updating to the latest firmware on your Galaxy Buds. ​​​​​​While we appreciate Samsung’s bundle in the companion, we would like full compatibility with the iPhone app. But until then, we hope this article helps you upgrade your Galaxy Buds.