How to fix Pandora not working on Android Auto

You a Pandora user or lover? Have you ever encountered an error while streaming music through Pandora? Or are you looking for how to fix Pandora not working on Android Auto?

pandora app not working

If yes, then this article is for you as it provides working methods to solve this problem.

What is Pandora?

So, Pandora is a popular music streaming service based on a subscription model with a personalized listening experience.

One of its features is that subscribers can create stations of their favorite songs, artists, genres, shows and so on that can be used on mobile devices (phones).

Lately, many users have been facing an error message when trying to use a streaming service. One of the error messages they encounter is Pandora Not Working on Android Auto. Similarly, music streaming is not available in Android Auto on mobile devices.

This is what causes the Pandora app to close automatically without an error message indicating a conflict with or a crash in the app file.

How to fix Pandora not working on Android Auto

Are you facing Pandora Not Working on Android Auto problem? This article explains the solution to fix it, you can try several methods to find the one that works best for you.

1. Reboot the phone:

If you encounter the Pandora Not working on Android auto error, the first thing you should do is try to reset or hard reset your phone. This is to make sure there are no temporary cache issues or system crashes or any form of lag on your device.

2. Update Pandora and Android Auto:

If you encounter this error message, you should also try updating the Pandora app and Android Auto on your phone to the latest version.

You can do this by updating the Android Auto app directly from the Google Play Store with the ease of one click. Then restart or reboot your phone to clear all forms of lag and then restart the app again following the same process to update the Pandora app as well.

3. Clear cache, data usage and storage:

Another way to fix this problem is to remove temporary cache data and other crashes or delays by clearing the cache and data storage of Pandora and your Android Auto.

Don’t forget to reboot or reboot your device afterwards for the changes to take effect.

4. Check for the latest software updates on your phone:

Did you know that outdated system software can cause many problems on your device?

Yes, it is and therefore it needs to be updated manually by installing the same updated version.

This means that if Android Auto was working before, but suddenly stopped working properly, you may need to install some updates to get it back on track. This can be done by downloading the latest software version, clicking on software update in settings and then restarting the device to apply the changes.

The above tips should help you fix the Pandora not working on Android Auto error.