How to fix a doorbell that won’t charge properly

A Ring doorbell is a device that helps building owners or occupants identify who is behind the door. It’s a well-built smart device that makes in-door communication with those inside easier and safer, as owners feel reassured about who’s behind the door and whoever’s at the door can communicate more quickly without knocking and shouting. This device can be found and used both at home and at work or in the office.

The doorbell does not charge properly

But there are cases where users complain about problems with the Ring doorbell charging properly as it should.

And in this article, we will tell you simple ways to solve this problem, for which you may not even need to leave your home or work to meet someone who can help you.

How to fix a Ring doorbell that won’t charge properly (four ways to do it)

Have you ever experienced or seen the problem of your Ring doorbell not charging properly? If yes, then this article is for you as we will give you the best ways to solve this problem and keep your home safe.

We’ll also tell you some possible reasons why your doorbell battery drains so quickly. Yes, we have many such cases and we will throw light on it in this article.

Below are the ways to solve the problem if the Ring doorbell does not charge properly;

1. Update the Ring app:

If you find that the Ring doorbell is not charging properly, you may want to update the ringer software. This can happen in a situation where the doorbell can charge but shows the wrong battery level in the Ring app, which shouldn’t cause any confusion when trying to figure out if the problem is with the doorbell or the Ring app.

You can simply close and restart the Ring app, as this gives Ring a chance to fix any bad data or cache and update it to match your current battery level, presumably.

2. Check your Wi-Fi connection if this is a related problem:

In a situation where your doorbell is having trouble connecting to Wi-Fi, this can also cause the Ring doorbell’s battery level to be inaccurate.

Just check your Wi-Fi connection, reset the router, unplug and plug it back in before reconnecting the doorbell to Wi-Fi.

3. Battery life check:

As for the low battery indicator even after charging, you may also want to consider checking the battery life.

This can be done directly in the Ring app by going to the Ring app – Devices – Your device – Device status – Power status. You can tell the fault from the power status, as it is expected to show “Good” or “Very Good” if still working.

4. Check the device for damage:

Finally, you can check the device for damage as one of the reasons for the charging problem could be a damaged doorbell.

You can check the charger and USB for damage, as well as the transformer. Make sure the battery is in the correct position.