Apple Netflix flickering screen 2022 (Netflix macbook flickering screen)

Netflix macbook screen flickering. Apple Netflix 2021 flickering screen. Mac users have reported or complained about Netflix screen flickering while watching movies. Here I will give you a solution to this problem. If you have a similar problem, this article will help you solve it.

Apple Netflix 2021 flickering screen

Apple Netflix screen flickering 2021 (Netflix macbook screen flickering)

How to fix Netflix screen that keeps flashing and flickering in full screen mode on Chrome/Safari/Macbook/iPhone 13, iPhone 12, iPad. Below are the methods you can try:-

Battery optimization must be enabled

However, you need to optimize the battery on your Mac by installing mac Battery which can solve Netflix screen flickering issues on macbook.

How to optimize battery on Mac

  • Visit system settings
  • Then select Battery.
  • Tap Turn on optimize video streaming while running on battery power

Update your Macbook

Make sure you update your Macbook to the latest OS version, avilanle can solve the problem

How to upgrade a Macbook

  1. Shut down your Mac by going to Apple menu > Shut Down.
  2. Update the OS on your Mac.
  3. Reset the System Management Controller (SMC).
  4. Reset PRAM (or NVRAM).

Use different browsers such as Firefox

Because the problem is in Chrome and Safari browsers. But it’s not surprising with Firefox. Also you can try using other browsers like firefox to watch netflix series without screen flickering on macbook.

Automatic brightness adjustment should turn off

Also, to fix Netflix screen flickering, you should make sure that automatic brightness adjustment is turned off to avoid changes.

How to disable

  • Take your macbook and then go to MacbookSystem Preferences
  • Select Displays.
  • There you will see where to disable