8 Fixes for Twitter Videos Not Playing on iPhone and Android

Advertised as a “microblogging” service at the time of its launch, Twitter has come a long way to become a multimedia social app. While the iPhone and Android apps are stable, they have a few issues. One such problem is Twitter videos not playing. If you have faced a similar problem, this article is for you.

Videos, memes, and GIFs are an integral part of Twitter conversations today. So obviously you don’t want to miss anything. So, read this guide to fix the problem quickly. But before we get into the methods, let’s get into the reasons why.

Why aren’t videos playing on Twitter?

Well, the Twitter app crashes from time to time and we all have seen several instances where Twitter faced global downtime. So it’s no surprise that items like videos and GIFs won’t load. Moreover, many videos on Twitter are limited to only a few regions, so you won’t be able to watch them all.

However, sometimes problems occur due to several settings and configurations that you might have enabled in the program. So, let’s take a look at all this and solve the problem of Twitter videos not playing.

How to fix Twitter videos not playing on iOS and Android devices

Here are the methods to fix Twitter videos not playing on iPhone and Android. Let’s start by checking out a few toggles present in the Twitter app.

1. Turn on autorun

Enabling autoplay for Twitter videos plays the video as it appears when you scroll through the feed. If videos don’t play, it may be because autoplay is disabled in Twitter’s settings. Here’s how to check and enable it.

Step 1: Click on your profile picture icon.

step 2: Select Settings and Support and click Settings and Privacy in the drop-down menu.

step 3: Select Accessibility, Display and Languages.

Step 4: Select Display and Sound.

step 5: Select “Autoplay video” and enable autoplay by selecting the appropriate option – whether you want the video to autoplay on cellular and Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi only.

If that didn’t fix the problem, let’s check if you have Twitter Data Saving turned on.

2. Turn off data retention

The save data option helps you save some data on Twitter, but at the same time, this feature is responsible for not uploading videos and images in the app. Here’s how you can disable this feature.

Step 1: In Twitter settings, select Accessibility, display and languages ​​and click Data usage.

step 2: Turn off the Data Saver switch.

Data saver is turned off

Next, you may want to check if media preview is disabled in Twitter settings, as this may prevent Twitter videos from playing on mobile phones.

3. Turn on media preview

If you turn off media preview on Twitter, you won’t be able to see a visual preview of an image or video. Instead, you’ll be shown a link to it.

Obviously, having a preview and visual indication of a photo or video is useful because, firstly, it’s easy to see, and secondly, you can tell there’s a problem with the app if there’s no sign of a video in the tweet.

Step 1: In your Twitter settings, click Accessibility, Display & Sound.

step 2: Select “Display and sound” and turn on the media preview switch.

4. Check if the video is region restricted

As mentioned earlier, not all videos on Twitter are available for viewing by users in all countries. Therefore, you will not be able to view such banned videos. However, Twitter will show a message that this video is not available in your region.

However, if you still want to watch the video, you can use a VPN on your device.

5. Check the network settings on your device

First, check your Wi-Fi signal strength and speed. If you’re on a slow network, that might be why Twitter videos aren’t playing on your device. However, if you use mobile data, make sure you have an active data plan.

Also, check that cellular data is turned off for Twitter. If you turn it off, Twitter can’t connect to the Internet over mobile data and you won’t be able to access it. We’ve covered the steps for iPhone and Android below.

Turn on mobile data for Twitter on iPhone

Step 1: Open the Settings app.

Open your iPhone's settings

step 2: Open Cellular and scroll down to find Twitter. Make sure you switch to Twitter.

Turn on mobile data for Twitter on Android

Step 1: Long press the Twitter app icon and select info.

step 2: Scroll down to find Limit Data Usage.

step 3: Make sure both boxes are selected. This means that Twitter can access the Internet over Wi-Fi and cellular data without any restrictions.

Select Both boxes

If that doesn’t fix the problem, you can try clearing the cache and junk data of the Twitter app. However, this is only possible if you own an Android device.

6. Clear the cache on Android

Like any other application, Twitter also accumulates cache and temporary data. This is mainly so that it can quickly load a few items from local storage instead of downloading them every time you open the app. However, a large amount of cache means a lot of junk files, and clearing it is a means of updating the application and its elements.

Here’s how you can clear the cache of the Twitter app on your Android device.

Step 1: Long press the app icon and click the info button.

step 2: Click Clear data.

step 3: Now click on Clear Cache.

That’s all you need to do to clear the cache of the Twitter app. As mentioned earlier, iPhone users do not benefit from this feature. However, you can take a look at the following two methods that are just as effective as clearing the cache from the Twitter app.

7. Update your Twitter

If the issue of not being able to play videos on Twitter is a widespread bug, Twitter will take note and release an update for it. Therefore, you should stay on the latest version of the Twitter app. You can update the Twitter app using the link below.

8. Reinstall Twitter

Finally, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling the app from the App Store/Play Store to fix the problem. Note that you need to sign in again and all your other settings in the app will be reset.

Step 1: Long press the app icon and tap Uninstall app.

step 2: Now click “Uninstall a program” to remove Twitter.

step 3: Now visit Twitter app page in App Store/Play Store to download the app from below link.

This marks the end of all the methods we could suggest to help you solve the problem of Twitter videos not playing on Android and iPhone. However, if you still have questions, check out the FAQ section below.

Twitter FAQ Videos not playing

2. Can Twitter play 1080p video?

Twitter’s maximum video resolution is 1200 x 1900.

3. Do Twitter videos take up a lot of battery?

No, of course the Twitter app doesn’t use much battery while playing videos.

Play Twitter videos with ease

These are all the methods you can use to fix Twitter videos not playing on Android and iPhone. We hope these methods fixed the problem and you’ll never miss another Twitter video in your feed again!