7 Best Free Reddit Apps for Android in 2022

Reddit bills itself as “the front page of the internet,” and we can vouch for the same. It has interesting content that keeps us drawn to it. However, the official Reddit Android app does not give credit to the content. And for this reason, we prefer to use third-party Reddit apps for Android. If you feel the same way, you can switch to any of our favorites listed in this article.

Best Reddit apps for Android

While we’re not fans of the official app, we do appreciate Reddit allowing developers to create third-party apps for iPhone and Android. There are many Reddit apps on the Play Store and choosing a reliable one can be a challenge for many. So, you can save yourself some trouble and check out this list of the best reddit commenters. Let’s start with Inifinity, our favorite of all.

1. Infinity for Reddit: The best overall Reddit app for Android

Infinity is one of our favorite Reddit apps for Android. The main problems with the official Reddit app are ads and slow performance. Infinity for Reddit solves both of these problems. We have been using this app for over a year and it has provided an extremely good user experience.


Apart from the fast performance, we also like the way the app looks. It allows you to customize the interface and also supports the Material You design that is present in the latest versions of Android.

We love the lazy mode that lets you scroll through posts automatically. It also comes with security features like an extra layer of authentication, app lock, and safe mode where you can’t take screenshots or screen recordings.

However, we did experience issues while playing videos, albeit on rare occasions. But considering how stable the program is otherwise, we’re very impressed, and it deserves all the praise it’s getting.

Price: Free of charge

2. Boost for Reddit: A close alternative to the Reddit app

While the official Reddit app has its share of issues, it offers a simplified user experience. So, if you want an app with a similar design, you can check out Boost. This app looks and works close to the official Reddit app.


The post layout is pretty familiar, and we like the trending page that gives you a glimpse of everything that’s going on. We also like how you can set different view modes/layouts for different subreddits. This is something that no other app offers.

Also some extra points for the nice home screen widget. Although it comes with ads, they are minimal and unobtrusive. However, you can buy the pro version to remove all ads.

Price: Free of charge; Pro version: $2 and up

3. Joey for Reddit: The best Reddit app for reading convenience

If you use Reddit a lot to read content, Joey is the best third-party app. We love how the post layout makes the text easy to read. It also offers good performance and we have no complaints about the design either.


You can swipe to change posts and subreddits, making it easier to navigate the app. We also like the added tab to the post for quick hyperlink browsing. There is also a multi-column feature where you can structure posts and subreddits according to your preferences.

We’re also fans of the extensive customization features it offers—not just in themes, but also in the placement of tabs, panels, and buttons. However, it comes with ads, but you can watch some sponsored videos and remove the ads in the app. If you want to get rid of them permanently, you will have to purchase the pro version.

Price: Free of charge; Pro version: $0.99 onwards

4. Sync for Reddit: Better performance

We were long-time users of Sync for Reddit until some features of Inifinity made us switch to it. And we can confidently say that it offers the best performance. We rarely encountered any crashes, errors, or frame drops while scrolling through messages.


What contributes to good performance are gestures for easy app navigation. While most third-party Reddit apps occasionally crash while playing videos, Sync does a great job of uploading videos.

It also comes with an advanced set of tools for editing text while writing a Reddit post. And recently the Sync beta version comes with a beautiful new Material You interface to stay in sync with the design language of Android 12 and 13. We’re not fans of the fixed ad banners though, but buying the pro version removes them.

Price: Free of charge; Pro version for $4.99

5. Slide for Reddit: Use Reddit Offline on Android

One of the main reasons that Slide made this list is because it uses a cache and allows you to use Reddit offline. Considering how long Reddit threads are, this is probably the feature we’ve all been dying to see. It makes using Reddit on the go so much better.


While most apps offer light and dark modes, Slide offers a sepia mode that makes reading content more comfortable. Another impressive feature is that you can switch user accounts while commenting on posts. Oh, and best of all, the app is completely ad-free and open source.

Price: The free Pro version starts at $2.00

6. Relay for Reddit: Best User Interface

Relay has been around for Android longer than most of the third-party apps on this list. And it’s pretty popular because of how good and unique it looks, and we couldn’t agree more. We like the blue-themed UI and the overall layout of the app.


There are different actions that you can use to navigate through the messages. We like the big icons for posts, unlike the other Reddit apps on the list. There are also many options for customizing the layout of the app. Although there are ads, they are quite minimal and unobtrusive.

However, purchasing the pro version completely removes ads and adds extra features such as advanced comment navigation, word search in posts, and extensive moderation features.

Price: Free of charge; The Pro version costs $2.99

7. Reddit Now: Best lightweight Reddit app

Previous Reddit apps for Android had many unique features. However, if you want an app that allows you to use the platform with only basic features, Now for Reddit is the app you should try.

Now for Reddit

It’s one of the lightest Reddit apps for Android on this list, weighing in at around 5MB. So you can expect fast and smooth operation. We also noticed that it uses less data than most other Reddit apps, and definitely less than the official app.

It also lets you navigate subreddits quickly and doesn’t have an overwhelming number of tabs and buttons. The best part is that it also comes with no ads and is completely free to use.

Price: Free of charge; Pro version: $3.99

Enhance your experience with these Reddit apps for Android

These were some of our favorite Reddit apps for Android. Read the list and select the ones that suit your preferences. As Reddit clients continue to improve, we hope the official Reddit app gets an overhaul and fixes all the issues users are facing. Until then, these third-party apps will suffice.