6 Best Apps to Learn Spanish on Android and iPhone

If you want to travel or even study in a Spanish-speaking country, but don’t know more than “hola” and “amigos” – you’re in the right place. Learning a new language is very easy with the many apps available on your smartphone. And in this article, we’ll show you some of the best apps for learning Spanish on iPhone and Android.

Gone are the days when you had to invest a lot of money and devote time to learning a new language. Many well-designed programs will help you learn languages ​​from the beginner level. And when we went in search of such programs to help you learn Spanish, we were able to choose six great programs. Let’s get started.

1. Duolingo – Gamify Learning Spanish

Duolingo has been our favorite app for learning a new language. The application offers small lessons, only in the form of small quizzes and games. Learning a new language often seems like a daunting task, but when you use Duolingo, you get a simple and fun approach to it.

When you set up the app, you can define your level of knowledge, whether you speak Spanish at a beginner or intermediate level. You are also asked to indicate your purpose for learning Spanish. Once you provide your details, you will be given a “scientifically” effective method of learning a new language.

Once you start taking Duolingo lessons, the program will give you a “learning streak” which is really great motivation to never miss a single day of Duolingo. The app also contains short audio stories to monitor your language skills and improve your pronunciation. We also like how the visual and audio elements make learning Spanish quite interesting.

The layout of the app is also user-friendly. However, it comes with a few ads. You can disable these ads by purchasing the pro version, which also includes additional tests, band removal, and many other additional features.

While the app has mostly positive reviews and ranks first in the Education category, many users are complaining about a loss of progress with the app’s latest update. Having said that, we didn’t run into too many problems, so Duolingo is an easy recommendation from us for learning Spanish.

Price: free of charge Pro version: $0.99 and up

2. Rosetta Stone – Learn Spanish with a unique learning plan

If you are planning to take Spanish courses with a detailed curriculum, Rosetta Stone is the app for you. It is a well-designed application with a beautiful user interface that contains several lessons that will help you learn Spanish easily.

There are different categories of lessons under the Learn tab. You are supposed to start with the Language Basics section and as you go you can learn topics like shopping, dining, leisure, tourism and leisure etc. It also has a dedicated “talker” that suggests phrases at your fingertips based on the activity you’re doing.

Basically, Rosetta Stone will help you learn Spanish to handle any situation. We’re big fans of categorizing lessons based on situations, and that’s what makes it one of the best apps for learning Spanish on your phone. While the app was mostly smooth and easy to use, we found a few bugs, most notably the app automatically switching to landscape mode.

However, several advanced learning options, such as an audio companion and learning through Stories, are only available in the paid version of the app. Purchasing the paid version gives you full access to the program, and you can even watch a few lectures on the language you’re learning.

Price: free of charge Paid version: $44.99/3 months and up

3. Babbel is an interactive application for learning Spanish

Babbel takes a fairly formal approach to language learning. It has a minimalist layout and focuses on helping you learn Spanish without all the other bells and whistles. So, if Duolingo seems overwhelming and game-like to you, Babbel might be the right app for you.

Although we mentioned that the program is minimalistic, it is not boring. It has all the typical audiovisual exercises found in most of the programs on this list. It has a review section to help you regularly check your vocabulary. The app also has a live section where you can hear and learn from native speakers.

One thing we noticed is that a formal approach is used to categorize chapters and lessons. They are called A1, A2 and so on. However, it still includes learning through Games, but like Duolingo, it is not the primary way to learn Spanish.

But the main drawback is that only the first language lesson is available for a free trial, the others require a subscription. In addition, you also get all the games, videos, podcasts and other features with a paid subscription.

If you are serious about learning Spanish, you should purchase a paid subscription.

Price: free, Paid version: $17.99/month and up

4. Memrise is the best app for learning Spanish with real visual help

When we started using Memrise, we noticed some similarities with Duolingo – Memrise also came with strip-based learning and had a similar interface as well. But it wasn’t until we started taking our first lesson that we noticed that Memrise had a lot more to offer

We like how the lessons are categorized. Instead of the usual “Basics 1”, “Basics 2” and everything else, you get lessons based on topics like handling people, food, objects, etc. Once you choose a lesson, you get real visuals, where a native Spanish speaker illustrates the word or action you are trying to learn.

That’s why we love this feature. Learning new words while understanding their meaning is one thing. But to learn to speak, some words require a good understanding of intonation and body language, which can best be imagined when you listen to their native language. This is exactly what Memrise offers you in its app.

However, we felt that the app’s interface was a bit cluttered and provided multiple options at once. We hope this will be fixed in a future update. Additionally, Memrise also has a paid version where you get full access to all native speaker clips, download courses offline, and disable all ads.

Price: free of charge Paid version: $8.99/month and up

5. Learn Spanish for Beginners – The Best Free Spanish Learning App

Several recent additions focus on a modern form of learning tailored for the social media generation who lack long attention spans. If you prefer a simpler form of language learning, Learn Spanish for Beginners is the app for you.

You get a total of about twenty-six lessons in this app, which is only designed to help you learn Spanish. Once you click on a section, you’ll have access to all the related materials, such as quizzes, slideshows, and study lists. Using this program felt like going back to school all over again – which is not a bad thing.

We love how easy it is to access materials and sections, and this app is fuss-free. However, the user interface may not be to everyone’s liking. And it doesn’t do a good job of helping you maintain consistency in your learning, like Duolingo’s Streak feature.

You also have a built-in translator feature to translate from English to Spanish, which we found nice. The app also has ads, but they are only present at the bottom of the app and do not interfere with the main content of the app.

Price: Free of charge

6. SpanishDict is the best app for improving Spanish grammar and vocabulary

SpanishDict is a program that not only helps you learn Spanish, but also adds a rich vocabulary to the program. There are quite a few tools to help you maintain your Spanish vocabulary. While you can learn a language in a short amount of time, improving it and discovering new ways to speak it is just as important – and that’s exactly what SpanishDict does.

SpanishDict has five key sections in the app. You have a Learn Spanish tab to help you get started learning Spanish. And then to improve your conjugation and vocabulary, you have two separate sections. The conjugation feature is something we like as it is very useful for ordering tenses, pronouns and verbs. The built-in translator also works flawlessly and is really a nice addition to Google Translate.

You also have a Word of the Day section to help you find new Spanish words on the go. Overall, we are very happy with this app, and as such, it made our list of the best apps for learning Spanish.

While the free version will be enough for most, you can purchase the paid version for offline learning, cheats, and to completely disable ads in the interface.

Price: free of charge Premium version: $12.99/month and up

This concludes our list of the best apps for learning Spanish on your phone. If you still have questions, check out the frequently asked questions section below.

Frequently asked questions about programs for learning Spanish

1. How long does it take to learn Spanish on Duolingo?

If you spend an hour a day, you can complete the course within 90 days.

2. Can you use apps like Duolingo to study and take official exams?

Such programs can be used not as a separate learning material, but as a guide. However, it is always recommended to bring official study materials with you for such exams.

3. Can you use your iPhone in Spanish?

Yes, you can use your iPhone in Spanish.

Welcome to a new and effective way to learn Spanish

Here are some of the six best apps for learning Spanish that we could choose from the long list of apps available on both the App Store and the Play Store. And we’re really fascinated by how you can learn a language effectively with just your smartphone. So the next time you watch Money Heist, you won’t need subtitles!