6 Best Ad Blockers for iPhone and iPad

Advertising is the price you pay to access free content online. When a website displays an ad on its content, the advertising agency pays them a certain amount of money. Although this is an honest way to earn money, sometimes such ads can be annoying. But there is a way out – ad blockers. In this article, we will help you choose the best ad blocker for iPhone and iPad to get rid of these annoying elements.

Ad blockers for iphone

These ad blockers are extensions for your Safari browser. However, they can also be installed as apps from the App Store. Before reading this article, we recommend that you read our how-to guide on how to install and use extensions in Safari. Once you’re familiar with it, you can continue testing each of these ad blockers on your iPhone and iPad. Let’s check them one by one.

1. Ka Blok! – One click ad blocker

Ka Blok! is one of the easiest ad blockers for iPhone and iPad. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time setting up an ad blocker, but just want to use it with one click – then Ka Block! this is something you will appreciate.

Ka Blok!

Once you install the app, there’s nothing else you can do except turn it on and off. Since you can’t add blockers yourself, Ka-Block! automatically works with the list of selected filters. However, there are no whitelist options to prevent content from being blocked on certain sites. It also lacks the ability to create custom filters and rules. But if you look at the next few apps on our list, you’ll find all of these features.

We wish it had more switches and controls, but maybe it’s a simple app. Ka-Block! it is also a completely free and open source application. So, go ahead if you don’t want to get involved in all the complexities of setup.

Price: Free of charge

2. BlockBear! – A simple ad blocker with a whitelist

If you enjoyed Ka-Block! and its simplicity, but wanted at least a few more features – BlockBear! you have it covered. It gives you more features while keeping the interface simple and easy to use.

BlockBear! from the home of Tunnelbear, a popular VPN service for Android and iPhone. It has earned a good reputation over the years, and we can safely say that BlockBear is doing a good job of keeping it going.

Block bear

While other programs have a list of options, it can be confusing to determine which ones matter on a website. BlockBear! gets rid of this problem by offering a simple one-screen user interface.

BlockBear! has four toggles – to block ads, trackers, web fonts and social buttons. Along with this, you also get the option to whitelist websites from blocking content.

However, we want BlockBear! did a better job of blocking floating banners and objects on the site. If you’re looking to block floating banners completely or want more from an ad blocker on your iPhone, check out the next few apps on this list. They add features that BlockBear! misses

Price: Free of charge

3. AdGuard: Selection and blocking of elements on the site

AdGuard is a simple, easy-to-use content blocker for Safari on iPhone and iPad that lets you block ads and website trackers. While the free version lets you do just that, there’s a paid version that also offers DNS protection and advanced ad blocking tools.

Ad Guard

A feature we like is called “Block items on this page”. Using this feature, you can select items such as logos, banner ads, and images that you think are intrusive and that you want to get rid of. While this worked for most sites, some websites required us to restart the extension to block content. As noted by reviews and forums, many users encountered this problem. So, you have to be wary of it.

In addition, you can also set your own rules for each website using AdGuard. These rules can be the content blocking level, enable/disable trackers, etc. We found this feature useful as well, but it’s only available in the pro version.

Price: Free of charge; Pro version: $0.99 per month or $4.99 per year

4. AdBlock Pro: Block regional content

AdBlock Pro is one of the most useful ad blockers for iPhone and iPad. While it has a lot of features and toggles, a feature we liked was the region-specific content blocking. Content Blocker is optimized to work on websites in almost twenty-plus languages.

Ad Block Pro

In addition, you get toggles to hide cookie prompts, block ads (even sponsored autoplay videos), trackers, banners, and social media buttons. However, the ability to block mining is unique. This ad blocker also comes with a website whitelist feature, which means you can access a website without having to block anything, while the blocker remains enabled for other websites.

Alternatively, you can use the app’s language filters to block such ads, leaving little chance for the ad to get around it. Since the app is also available for Mac, you can sync your settings with iPhone and iPad via iCloud. While the free version has enough features, you can use the pro version to unlock even powerful content blocking tools for a truly clean browsing experience in Safari.

Price: Free of charge; Pro version: $1.99 and up

5. 1Blocker: Block trackers in the app on iPhone and iPad

While other apps on this list help block ads and unwanted content in Safari, this app also lets you block trackers from all other apps. That’s mainly why it makes our list of the best ad blockers for iPhone and iPad.

The unique mechanism by which 1Blocker works is that it uses Safari’s Content Blocker API to help Safari know in advance what to block, thus saving time and data. This is an effective method of blocking content instead of blocking content after the web page is loaded.

1 Locker

However, this in-app tracking feature is only available in the premium version. The free version lets you block ads and trackers in Safari. With over 120,000 custom blocking rules, 1Blocker does a great job. They mainly include blocking comments, adult content, widgets and other website nuisances. 1Blocker also lets you sync settings across iPhone, iPad, and Mac via iCloud.

In addition, the premium version allows you to create custom filters to customize content blocking for each site. It also increases the speed of Safari and also allows you to block content for a specific region. ​​​​​​While the app generally does a great job, some users found the app to be very expensive and experienced some issues accessing the pro subscription.

However, if you decide to go for the paid version of 1Blocker, we recommend a lifetime subscription as it is much more cost-effective than other plans.

Price: Free of charge; Pro version: $2.99 ​​monthly, $14.99 annually or $38.99 lifetime

6. Roadblock – Our favorite iPhone pop-up blocker

When we started working on this list of the best ad blockers for iPhone and iPad, one app we didn’t want to let go of was Roadblock. It doesn’t do anything extraordinary, but it’s very well designed. It felt like we were using an app designed by Apple, given the way it looked and worked.

Like most of the other programs on this list, it helps block ads, trackers, and other website widgets and banners in Safari. However, it is also an effective pop-up blocker for iPhone and iPad. In our usage, we didn’t face any problems and it worked fine. However, you can only enable settings in the “Ads and trackers” section. A one-time in-app purchase is required to unlock other features, including the option to sync settings with other devices using iCloud.

There is also an option to create a blocker profile and use it on specific sites. The best part is that all these features were very easy to set up and use with a familiar user interface. Roadblock is an easy recommendation, and the one app we’d download and use on this list.

Price: Free of charge; Professional version: 1.99 USD

These were our picks to effectively block unwanted content on iPhone and iPad. However, if you still have a few questions, you can take a look at the frequently asked questions section below.

Frequently asked questions

1. Does the iPhone have a built-in ad blocker?

No. However, Safari has a built-in tracker blocker.

2. Are ad blockers safe to use on iPhone?

Yes, all the apps we mentioned are from well-known developers, so they are completely safe to use.

3. Do ad blockers slow down Safari?

No, ad blockers are designed to improve web browsing performance by blocking, rather than loading, unwanted content on a site.

4. Do ad blockers consume more data?

No, ad blockers do not consume more data. In fact, they can help you save data by blocking several unwanted items in Safari.

Improve your browsing experience with ad blockers for iPhone and iPad

These were some of the best ad blockers for iPhone and iPad. While we mentioned that Roadblock was our favorite ad blocking app, other apps also do a great job of blocking content on your iOS device. We hope you found this list of apps useful. If you find a new ad blocker app, please leave it in the comment section below. If it’s a worthy contender, we’ll definitely add it to this list.