5 Best Reddit Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2022

Reddit is an absolute gold mine on the internet. There’s everything from cute cat memes to scary mysteries. This is a great platform to expand your knowledge with discussions and answers to every obscure query. Although there is an official Reddit app, it does not provide a seamless experience. So we’ve listed some of our favorite and best Reddit apps for iPhone and iPad.

While we hope that the official app will improve with incremental updates, we’re glad that Reddit allows developers to build third-party apps. Also, these apps have fulfilled all the feature requests and suggestions that have been ignored by the official app developers for a long time. Read our article to understand what they have to offer and which Reddit app to choose.

1. Appolo is the best alternative to Reddit for iPhone and iPad

Appolo is our favorite Reddit app for iOS devices. We love how smooth and streamlined the app is, providing a fantastic user experience. Based on our usage and thousands of other positive reviews, we can confidently say that it solves almost every problem you have with the official Reddit app.

One of the complaints about the default Reddit app is that it’s quite difficult to navigate. Well, Appolo seems to be figuring it out with a bunch of gestures that let you slide around the app.

During our time using it, we noticed how accurate the search engine is. Most third-party apps struggle to provide good search results on Reddit, which is not the case here. There is also support for “Multireddits” and you can combine different subreddits into one channel. We’re also very impressed with the theme configurator.

Best of all, Appolo is completely free and comes with no ads. It really sets a pretty high benchmark for other app developers.

Price: Free of charge

2. Slide is the best Reddit app for reading

When using Reddit, we often spend a lot of time reading interesting content. This is not something we can do on other social networks like Instagram or Facebook. If you also use Reddit for reading, Slide is a better alternative. Slide’s readability features will ensure a great reading experience on iPad.

We like the card-based messaging UI, as well as the rounded corners. Bold text also improves readability. We also noticed a small tab with bold text color for external links, and this makes it easy to distinguish it from the comments you read. There is also an option to hide messages you have already read. This means they will no longer appear in your feed.

Also, have you ever said in a conversation, “Oh, I saw that cool post on Reddit,” only to remember half the details, but then couldn’t refer to it again because you lost the post? Well, Slide has a Read Later tab and you can easily save and bookmark posts. Lifesaver, right?

Price: free of charge Pro version: 5 dollars

3. Comet – the best user interface

If Apple ever made a Reddit app, it might look like Comet. Take a look at the images below, you may notice design cues from Apple’s product website and other apps like Apple Health, Settings, Contacts, etc. Furthermore, Comet not only looks like an Apple app, but also functions like an Apple app, maximizing functionality by getting the basics right.

The thing about Reddit is that there are a lot of elements built into a single post and it can get pretty overwhelming for a new person. Especially the multi-level threads in the comments under each post. This is exactly where Comet comes in, and they seem to have designed an easy to use interface. There is plenty of space and color contrast to differentiate each action and element in the user interface.

What’s more, the Comet doesn’t come with a lot of extra features – and that’s okay, as it has everything most users need. And as expected, you don’t have pop-ups either.

In a long list of all the Reddit apps in the App Store where it’s hard to stand out, Comet seems to have focused on the small details and does exactly what the official Reddit app lacked in terms of user experience.

Price: Free of charge

4. BaconReader – a minimal third-party Reddit app

BaconReader is a Reddit app that comes with an old UI with minimal features. This will be appreciated by users who have been using Reddit for decades and appreciate a web-browser-like interface more than a modernized user interface. It’s worth noting that there isn’t much you can customize in this app, and if you don’t want that, this is the Reddit app for you.

The upside of such a simple, lightweight user interface is that it will also work on low-speed internet connections. A feature we like about BaconReader is the front page and the way the posts are presented in tiles. This will help you see what’s going on. If you use Reddit as your news source, we’re sure you’ll love this feature.

However, the main drawback is the constant advertising at the bottom of the post. This may make most users reconsider their choice of this application. Especially when other apps like Apolo and Comet are completely ad-free.

Price: Free of charge

5. Reno is the best for social media lovers

When we introduce Reddit to people who haven’t used it before, the unintuitive and unfamiliar user interface usually turns them away from the idea. Earlier in our list, we mentioned an app called Comet, and now we have Reno, another app that makes things a lot easier to use.

Reno looks and feels like Instagram, and it’s clear they followed a similar layout. The four buttons for switching tabs or the button for posts look quite familiar. Here’s an underrated feature – whenever you share a link to an image or GIF from a Reddit post on Reno, it also adds a little thumbnail next to the link. It is very useful for your friends to have a small preview of what you have shared.

These features along with the app’s familiar layout are the reasons why we recommend this app to all social media lovers.

Price: Free of charge

6. Narwhal is the easiest Reddit app for iOS

Narwhal is another clean and minimal Reddit app for iPhone. Like BaconReader, this is another app that sticks to the old browser-based user interface and design. It’s fast and responsive, and includes plenty of gestures for easy app navigation.

We liked the layout, which makes it easy to post to subreddits. Not that it does anything special, but it feels like you’re writing an email in a way that’s unique compared to the other apps on this list.

If you look at user reviews, there are some pretty good reviews about how easy it is to manage comments under posts. The downside is that it comes with intrusive ads, and we’re not a fan of how it breaks up the app’s simple user interface.

Price: Free of charge

These are the most used and recommended Reddit apps for iPhone and iPad. Also, all these apps are free to install on the App Store and you can use the links to download them. Next, we have an FAQ section to offer more clarity.

Reddit iOS Apps FAQ

1. Why do we need third-party apps for Reddit?

The official app is quite slow and most users find it cluttered. This is the main reason why you can choose an alternative application. As mentioned in the article, these third-party programs have many additional features.

2. Are third-party Reddit apps safe?

Yes, they are completely safe to use. Alternatively, you can install them from the App Store itself.

3. If I log into a third-party Reddit app, does it save my data?

No, the login window is handled and provided by the official Reddit service. Therefore, the third-party app you use for Reddit will not store your login information.

4. What is Reddit’s most downloaded app?

Appolo for Reddit is the most downloaded Reddit app in the App Store.

Improve your Reddit experience

Here’s a quick rundown of the best Reddit apps for iPhone and iPad. All these apps have interesting features that are not available in the official app. We hope you’ve found a better way to browse Reddit. Download whatever works best for you and happy Reddit-ing.