3 ways to fix activation waiting error in iMessage and FaceTime

iMessage and FaceTime is both a social and communication app that allows you to text, chat or video chat with anyone with an internet connection as it does not require a mobile data plan.

Just as the technical space is always associated with one or more problems, there are several possible error messages that indicate a problem with FaceTime or iMessage activation, but the most common is the activation waiting error, which usually appears on the iMessage or FaceTime panels in the Settings app.

In addition to the activation waiting error message, you may encounter other error messages, including “Activation failed,” “An error occurred during activation,” or “Unable to sign in, please check your connection.

Although these cases may be different, it is almost the same problem as iMessage and FaceTime cannot work on your device.

Fix activation waiting error in iMessage and FaceTime

Don’t panic or get frustrated if you encounter activation error in iMessage and FaceTime on your iPhone or iPad. There are ways to fix this error or problem and get iMessage and FaceTime working properly.

In this article, we have listed and explained the ways you can do this by following the steps outlined in this article for you.

1. Check your Internet connection

You should be aware that iMessage and FaceTime use cell phone signals unlike sending SMS or regular phone calls, which means you must be connected to a Wi-Fi network with data or your data plan for them to work or function .

You can simply check this by opening your Safari (browser) and making sure that several websites can be loaded and accessed to test your internet connection. But if it can’t or they work slowly, you need to connect to a stronger internet connection or buy a data plan and try to restart your device and clear the cache.

2. Check the Apple server status page

The good news is that Apple has a website that tracks all of its servers and notes when any are down, and you can check to see if there’s a green dot next to the FaceTime and iMessage tabs.

In a situation where the dots are yellow or red instead of green, it means that Apple’s servers have problems that need to be fixed before you can continue using their services. You can simply wait for Apple to repair their servers, if you encounter this, check again after a while until it turns green, then you can restart your phone and remove the error message.

3. Turn iMessage and FaceTime on and off and update connections

You can also go to your device settings to turn iMessage and FaceTime off and back on, then restart your device.

These simple tactics can also help fix iMessage and FaceTime waiting for activation error when device restarts.