3 ways to contact Facebook Support to resolve issues with your account

If you are having problems with your Facebook account, you may need to contact Facebook Support to get the help you need to resolve the issue. The problem is that getting in touch with Facebook’s support team can be very difficult. Although they have phone numbers you can call, you’ll be disappointed if you call these numbers hoping to speak to a real support agent, as all you’ll be greeted with is a voice recording that takes you through several menus until you are finally told to send a message to a specific email address.

how to contact facebook support

So, how do you contact Facebook support and get a quick response? Stay put while I walk you through some options for contacting Facebook if you need their attention.

How to contact Facebook customer support

To get in touch Facebook Support, you will need to log in to your Facebook account and follow the steps below.

  1. After logging in, click on your profile header, the one at the address upper right corner your screen.
  2. Select Help and Support from the drop-down menu.
  3. You will now have three options to choose from: Help Center, Support Mailbox, and Report a Problem. Click “Report a problem”.
  4. Two more menus will open: “Help us improve the new Facebook” and “Something went wrong”.
  5. Click “Something went wrong” if you’re reporting a problem with your account, otherwise click another option if you just want to suggest new features or improvements to Facebook.

Ask the Facebook community for help

Facebook also has a community where users like you come and help each other with answers to various questions. You can get support for your Facebook issues here. To use this method, simply go to https://web.facebook.com/help/fblite/community and if you are not already logged in, do so and you will be able to ask your question and get an answer. You can also answer some other questions already asked by others if you know the answers.

Contact Facebook support using their other social handles

Although not as fast as the first two, this is another means by which you can contact Facebook support and get a response. You can simply send them a direct message on Twitter or create a tweet and tag the official Facebook account on Twitter. If that tweet gets enough attention, Facebook will likely see it and respond to you. You can also use Instagram for this strategy.

With the help of the three described options, you will be able to get support and solve any problem you have with your Facebook account.