14 Cute Thanksgiving iPhone Wallpapers for Free

We’re nearing the end of the year, and that can only mean one thing – the holiday season is here. November is upon us and we look forward to Thanksgiving, turkey and pumpkin pies. Well, to celebrate and keep up with the spirit of the season, we’ve created some eye-catching Thanksgiving iPhone wallpapers.

Thanksgiving iPhone wallpapers

We all love colorful wallpapers for our iPhones, and here are fourteen unique ones you can use this Thanksgiving season. We’ve provided a small preview of what they look like, as well as a download link for each wallpaper in high resolution. So click on download link to get high quality images. Let’s get started.

1. Anime wallpaper thanks

If you’re an anime fan celebrating Thanksgiving, this is for you. We found Thanksgiving iPhone wallpapers featuring Sword Art Online characters. And if you’re an anime fan, what better way to celebrate Thanksgiving than seeing your favorite characters do it?

2. Thanksgiving Fall Wallpaper

Fall is one of our favorite seasons of the year, and we can all agree that we love seeing the beautiful fall foliage on the ground from the trees. And hey, we’re also celebrating Thanksgiving at this time, so to get your iPhone into the mood, here’s a wallpaper you can use.

3. Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Wallpaper

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is a special holiday that many of us enjoy. ​Although it was released decades ago, it is still a popular Peanuts special that we all love to watch during the holiday season. You will surely love this wallpaper if you are a fan of Charlie Brown.

4. Cute Thanksgiving Wallpaper

A beautiful wallpaper that sets the mood for the holiday season is something we all appreciate. We love this wallpaper and all the beautiful graphics on it that symbolize Thanksgiving. So, download it.

5. Disney Thanksgiving Wallpaper

Disney was an integral part of our childhood, and it remains so even as we grow up. It seems like many of us grew up with Disney characters and they have been a part of us through happy times and sad times. We’re sure you’d love to see them at Thanksgiving, too. So, here are Mickey and Minnie wallpapers which are really the sweetest sight.

6. Thanksgiving Fall Wallpaper

Here’s another fall season wallpaper and if you love the look of foliage this season, we’re sure you’ll download this dreamy iPhoneFall wallpaper for Thanksgiving.

7. Thanksgiving wallpaper

Want to change up the way you wish your loved ones a Happy Thanksgiving? Consider sending these Thanksgiving iPhone wallpapers as a small token of love, telling them how much they mean to you and what you want to thank them for!

8. Hello Kitty Thanksgiving Wallpaper

A wonderful, wholesome Thanksgiving wish from one of our favorite cartoon characters, Hello Kitty. What a sweet sight it would be if you had this wallpaper on your iPhone. So go ahead and download these iPhone wallpapers!

9. Peanuts Thanksgiving Wallpaper

The Peanuts comic brings so much nostalgia to all of us, and what makes us happier is that we still see it a lot on our social media feeds! Evergreen indeed, and there’s no better way to celebrate Thanksgiving than with a holiday-themed Peanuts wallpaper for your iPhone!

10. Pink Thanksgiving wallpaper

Here’s another bright wallpaper in this collection of Thanksgiving iPhone wallpapers to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! We also really like the leaves at the bottom.

11. Snoppy Thanksgiving Wallpaper

Yes, you guessed it right. We are fans of Peanuts comics and here is another Snoopy wallpaper. This time, however, it’s fan favorite Snoopy!

12. Thanksgiving wallpaper

Here’s a Thanksgiving wallpaper for iPhone and a beautiful illustration of everything we celebrate the holiday with!

13. Turkey Thanksgiving Wallpaper

Thanksgiving dinner is an important part of the festival, and here is a wallpaper of your favorite Thanksgiving turkey!

14. Aesthetic wallpaper for Thanksgiving

Yummy treats during the festive season that we all crave and are always tempted by. So, here’s another pumpkin and pie Thanksgiving iPhone wallpaper that you’ll love, especially if you’re a foodie!

We wish you a happy holiday season

But I congratulate you on the holiday. Consider this collection of Thanksgiving iPhone wallpapers a little gift from us. After all, we are always grateful for the support of our readers and for all the time you spend reading our work!