10 Ways to Fix YouTube Comments Not Showing on iPhone and Android

While YouTube videos are pretty entertaining, the comments section is the icing on the cake. It’s a great way to interact with other viewers as you share your thoughts and reactions to the video. However, there are times when the comments section doesn’t seem to load, which can be frustrating. If you’re also facing the problem, check out these ten ways to fix YouTube comments not showing on iPhone and Android.

YouTube comments don't show iPhone

While we already have an article about YouTube comments not showing up in Chrome, this article focuses on the YouTube app on iPhone and Android devices. The methods below are very easy to use and we are sure that you will be able to bring back the comments section in the YouTube app. First, let’s figure out why you can’t see comments on YouTube videos.

You may not be able to see comments on YouTube for a variety of reasons, the most common being a poor network connection. There just isn’t enough connection bandwidth to load the comments section, as the first preference is to load the main video content.

However, this is not the only reason. It’s also possible that YouTube’s server is down or there’s a problem with your phone’s software. Whatever the reason, we have some fixes to help you find the root cause of YouTube comments not loading on your phone and fix it. Go to the next section.

How to fix YouTube comments not showing on Android or iPhone

You can easily solve the problem by switching to a better network connection. There are times when switching accounts or updating the YouTube app solved the problem. We’ve listed all the possibilities below. Also, there were times when YouTube was also down, so let’s start by checking if that’s why you’re not seeing comments in the YouTube app.

1. Check if YouTube is down

Although YouTube rarely experiences outages, when it does, it almost seems like it’s down. One such memorable day for YouTube was October 16, 2018, when it was down for over an hour. This event also disables YouTube Music and YouTube TV.

However, there’s nothing you can do about it except wait for Google to restore it. However, you can check YouTube server status on Downdetector.

Given how addicted people are to YouTube, you’ll also know about the crash when users share their frustrations on social media.

2. Check your Internet connection

Since YouTube has to upload a lot of things besides videos, it is very important that you have a good internet connection to upload comments. Whether you’re connected to Wi-Fi or cellular data, having a good signal and an active plan is essential to properly accessing YouTube.

You can also check your internet speed and if you see low numbers, it’s time to check with your service provider. Fast.com is a simple internet speed test tool, so we recommend you use it to test your speed.

Fast.com Internet Speed ​​Test

3. Change your YouTube account

Sometimes you might get a weird error with your Google account signed in to YouTube. While there’s no way to know exactly what it is, changing your YouTube account is one way to try to fix YouTube comments not showing up.

Step 1: Click on the profile icon in the upper right corner.

step 2: Tap the “>” icon next to your account name.

step 3: You will be shown the billing page. Click Add account.

Step 4: After you add a new account, it will appear under Other Accounts. Select a new account to switch to.

If your comments are still not visible under the YouTube video, you can try reloading the video you are watching.

4. Reload the YouTube video

Here’s how you can re-upload a video in the YouTube app if you can’t view the comments below the video.

Step 1: Click on the video to control playback and click the arrow at the bottom to minimize the video.

step 2: Click the cross to close the video.

step 3: Now you can search for the video again and click on it to reload.

This method solved the problem of comments not appearing under the video and we hope it solves the problem for you too. If it doesn’t, don’t worry. Go to the next fix.

5. Reboot your device

If the above methods don’t work, you can try restarting your device. Once your device is back on, you can open YouTube to see if you can view comments you (or others) have made on the video.

Restart your iPhone

Step 1: First, you need to turn off the device.

  • On iPhone X and above: Press and hold the Volume Down button and the Side button.
  • On iPhone SE 2nd or 3rd generation, 7th and 8th series: Press and hold the side button.
  • On iPhone SE 1st generation, 5s, 5c, or 5: Hold the power button at the top.
  • On iPad: Hold the power button at the top.
Restart your iPhone

step 2: Drag the power slider to turn off the device.

step 3: Then turn on your device by pressing and holding the power button on your iPhone.

Restart your Android device

Most Android devices show a power on/off menu when you long press the power button. Next, use the Reboot option to reboot your device.

6. Clear app cache and data (Android only)

Although Apple devices don’t have this feature, a great way to clear app junk is to clear the cache on your Android device. YouTube, like all other Internet programs, accumulates cache.

Cache is temporary data stored in the app, so every time you open YouTube, some items are preloaded to save time and data. Here is the step by step procedure for the same.

Step 1: Long press the YouTube app icon.

step 2: Once on the app information page, click Clear Data.

step 3: Now select clear cache.

This will remove all the junk accumulated in the YouTube app. Next time you run it, we hope you’ll see the comments below the video.

7. Reinstall YouTube

Reinstalling YouTube is another effective way to fix missing video comments section. Here’s how to uninstall and reinstall YouTube from the App Store or Play Store.

Reinstall YouTube on iPhone

Step 1: Long press the YouTube app icon. Click Uninstall a program.

step 2: Now click on Uninstall a program. This will remove YouTube from your iPhone.

step 3: Visit the App Store from the link below to install the latest version of YouTube.

Uninstalling updates for YouTube on Android

YouTube is a pre-installed app on Android devices, so it cannot be uninstalled. However, you have the option to “remove updates” to restore the program to the original custom-installed version.

Step 1: Long press the YouTube app icon and select info.

step 2: Click Remove updates.

step 3: Now visit PlayStore to update your app to the latest version.

8. Disable VPN

A VPN is a private connection that routes incoming and outgoing Internet traffic through a private server. However, the VPN you may be using may be slow or experience disconnections. And if you’re watching YouTube over a VPN and the comments section isn’t loading, your best bet is to make sure you’re not connected to any VPN.

Disable VPN on iPhone

Step 1: Open the Settings app and select General.

step 2: Click on VPN and Device Management.

step 3: Make sure the status says “Not Connected”, which means you are not connected to the VPN service.

Disable VPN on Android

Step 1: Go to the Settings app and open Connections & Sharing (or a similar panel in Settings, depending on the device you’re using)

step 3: Click on VPN. Make sure the switch is off. This means that you are not connected to any VPN service.

9. Disable ad blockers

Ad blockers can help you block intrusive and annoying ads, but may cause some problems with the app’s functionality. You can try disabling such content blockers if YouTube comments are not displayed.

Disable ad blockers on iPhone

If you’re watching YouTube in Safari, here’s how you can disable the ad blocker on iPhone to try and get the comments section back.

Step 1: Open the Settings app and select Safari.

step 2: Click on Extensions.

step 3: Make sure all the switches are off for all ad blockers that are extensions for Safari.

Disable ad blockers on Android

If you have an ad blocker installed on your Android device, you can easily uninstall it to try to restore the comment section for YouTube videos.

Step 1: Long press the app icon.

step 2: Select Program Information.

step 3: Now click “Uninstall” to remove the ad blocker.

10. Update the YouTube app

When users encounter a problem, most of them express it in the forums and review sections of the program. This means that developers will be aware of the issue and they will push an update for the app.

So, if none of the above fixes work, you can try updating the YouTube app on your iPhone or Android devices. We hope this helps to resolve the issue of comments not showing on YouTube.

These are all the methods that you can use to reload the missing comment section for YouTube videos. However, if you still have questions, you can take a look at the frequently asked questions section below.

Frequently asked questions about YouTube comments

1. Are there live YouTube chats and YouTube comments?

No. Live chats are real-time comments under a YouTube live streaming video. Live video has the option to enable/disable live commentary. While comments are visible on any video uploaded to YouTube.

2. Has YouTube removed comments?

No. Although YouTube has disabled the dislike counter for videos, the comments section remains intact.

3. Does YouTube block comments with links?

No, YouTube does not block comments with links.

4. Do YouTubers get notified when you edit a comment?

No, they are notified.

Get YouTube comments back with these fixes

We hope these methods have helped you get your YouTube video comments section back. However, if none of these methods work, we recommend that you wait and the comment section may just appear below the video. Sometimes, only a few elements of a video may encounter a crash. However, we hope that the problem will be solved soon. Happy commenting!